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Irish Pastoral Centre, Boston – Immigration and Citizenship services & articles.

Irish Immigration Centre, Massachusetts.

GlobalIrish.ie – Need Advice?

  • The Irish EmigrantExpat voting, global style: Noreen Bowden contemplates the experience of voting as an American in Ireland, and wonders when Ireland will join the over 100 nations that allow their expats to vote.
  • The Irish VoiceLost voices: Irish emigrants would like to vote
    Frustration grows as election approaches.
  • Politics.ieFine Gael are proposing that Irish emigrants be allowed vote in the Irish Presidential Elections at Irish embassies worldwide: “… If this experiment proves successful we will consider extending the practice to general elections.” [i.e. if they don’t vote for some godawful Shinners, we’ll give them the right 100 other countries have?]
  • Niall O’DowdEmigrant planes await the young Irish –their futures mortgaged away by corrupt bankers
  • Irish CentralThousands fleeing Ireland in new emigrant wave
  • Irish CentralNew website allows emigrant Irish to cast symbolic votes:
    Canada-based Irish launch BallotBox.ie for worldwide emigrants
  • BallotBox.ie
  • An Phoblacht: LettersThe right to vote: The following is a open letter to the Irish Government, published on the internet, from Editors of the main Irish publications around the world:
    As editors of the main Irish newspapers abroad, we, the undersigned, call upon the Irish Government to recognise the right of the Irish abroad to vote in Irish elections.
    ‘The Irish abroad, like those at home, have varying opinions on all issues.
    However, the one belief all Irish expatriates have in common, particularly those who have recently emigrated, is that the emigrant voice must continue to be heard. We believe that the Irish abroad contribute too much economically and culturally to their homeland to be denied that voice.
    ‘Every other country in Europe acknowledges some form of voting rights for their expatriates. Yet Ireland, which has embraced the European ideal more than most, still denies its citizens abroad a basic human, democratic and civil right – the right to vote in their own country.
    ‘We ask the Irish Government to look to the future in a progressive, intelligent manner and to realise the benefits of closer ties between the Irish abroad and those at home. We believe it is now time for the Irish Government to give emigrants a vote.’
    Donal Mooney, Irish Post, London. Damien Gaffney, Irish World, London. Niall O’Dowd, Irish Voice, New York. Tom Connolly, Irish Echo, New York. Billy Cantwell, Irish Echo, Sydney

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