People’s Movement Referendum Campaign

Warning: Permanent Austerity Ahead!

The People’s Movement has opened an office in central Dublin for the duration of the referendum campaign on the Permanent Austerity Treaty. The office is at 5 Cavendish Row, directly opposite the Gate Theatre.

We are near intersection of Parnell & O'Connell Streets
We are near intersection of Parnell & O’Connell Streets

Get involved!

People's Movement Referendum HQ: 5 Cavendish Row
The result of this important referendum will have a major influence on this country and the welfare of its people.

So why not become involved? You don’t have to be a treaty expert to deliver leaflets or put up posters—just a willing worker, and there are many more tasks in a campaign. It is a relatively easy way to participate in a process whose result will profoundly shape your future.

There are now only three weeks to go to polling day, and every effort, no matter how small, to boost the No vote counts.

So why not give us a call or send a text to 087-2308330, or drop a line to 


Warning: Permanent Austerity Ahead!
This is an urgent appeal for financial support to help us to wage a successful campaign against the Austerity Treaty. The treaty has been roundly rejected by such bodies as the European Trade Union Confederation and large swathes of opinion throughout Europe.

In Ireland we have a chance to decisively reject the treaty in a referendum. Our campaign is swinging into operation, but, as always, it is an uneven struggle with regard to resources. In the last Lisbon referendums the Yes side spent some €2.3 million, while the combined No side spent €1.2 million. In the second referendum the contrast was even greater: €10.206 million for the Yes side against €780,000 for the No side. All the indications are that vast resources will again be expended to engineer a Yes vote on 31 May.

We urgently need your help!

Opinion polls on voters’ attitudes show 30 per cent in favour, 23 per cent against, and 39 per cent still undecided.

Already non-partisan commentators have found the Yes campaign to be faltering, as four major trade unions decide to urge a No vote and the Irish Congress of Trade Unions declares that it will not be supporting the treaty.

Thomas Pringle TD, a patron of the People’s Movement, is challenging the constitutionality of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) Treaty.

Robert Ballagh: Mise Eire (limited edition fine art prints)
This treaty is closely linked to the Austerity Treaty, and he is asking the High Court to determine, among other matters, whether the Constitution of Ireland requires a referendum on that treaty also.

It will be a victory for democracy if he is successful; but it will also put a further enormous strain on our resources, as it will necessitate yet another referendum.

We earnestly ask you to respond favourably to this request.

Robert Ballagh print Mise Éire

A few copies of the limited edition of 250 copies of this fine-art print, signed, numbered and blind-stamped by the artist, Robert Ballagh, are still available. The print can be purchased for €250. Robert Ballagh is Ireland’s premier artist. All proceeds will go to the referendum campaign.

Contact or 087 2308330.

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