“No Minister Noonan, I didn’t ‘misinterpret’ IMF…”

 Tweets from Mark Paul, Sunday Times, regarding his story on IMF funding for Ireland in case of ‘No’ vote…

@SimonPRepublic thanks Simon. I wasn’t prepared for such a co-ordinated pincer movement from gov/IMF. That’ll teach me for next time

@EugeneReavey I wouldn’t advocate one way or the other Eugene. I just report. Cut through the spin if you can, tho, plenty from both sides.

@NORTHANNE you said the article manipulated facts. It manipulated nothing. I don’t advocate yes or no, just report what IMF said

@NORTHANNE article never said “get”. Article said “apply”. Same as Gilmore said. Have you read the article?

Newstalk: Gilmore say Ire COULD apply 2 IMF even with no vote. Tallies 100% with my story in ST. Gov spinning so much now it’s dizzy #euref

@stiofandunne thanks Stephen. The quotes are there for everyone to interpret. The quotes haven’t been denied by IMF either

IMF statement tonight doesn’t question accuracy of quotes in my story, cos they’re 100%. Read quotes 4 urself nd see how u interpret. #euref

I stand over what I wrote 100%. IMF knew we were talking about Ire. I misinterpreted nothing. Any suggestion to the contrary is wrong #euref

Just to clarify I quoted IMF 100% accurately. They said “no conditionality”. If they want 2 backtrack under Gov pressure, up to them. #euref

@Keith_Hoare I quoted IMF 100% accurately. Bill Murray said on record “no conditionality” re ESM. That’s what he said, that’s what I wrote

No minister Noonan I didn’t “misinterpret” IMF. I simply reported them, accurately. They said “no conditionality” re ESM for IMF loan #euref

IMF guy said “ESM rules are Europe’s rules, not ours”. He said “no conditionality” re ESM for another IMF bailout. What’s to misrepresent?

No minister Noonan, I didn’t “misinterpret” anybody in IMF. I simply reported what he said, accurately.

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