#OccupyDameStreet public statement: the lock-down of the department of Finance

Media Advisory Updated- 25TH of January, 2011 – 06:30 GMT

We are Occupy Dame Street, part of the Occupy Ireland and global Occupy movement.

This morning at 6.30 am the beginnings of a social time bomb exploded in Dublin city centre. In response to the payment of 1.25 billion euro’s to unknown Anglo bondholders, Occupy Dame Street Radical Action Activists have peacefully locked down the department of Finance and will make every effort to keep the building locked down until 5pm.

This 1.25 billion euro’s payment is only part of a larger give-away to as yet un-named investors/gamblers. Under the terms of the treasonous bank bail-out agreement, there was and is no expectation that the people of Ireland make these payments. The agreement to pay, we believe, is a personal choice by the Minister for Finance Michael Noonan, reflecting very much his own deferential nature. We believe that the Minister for Finance, his cabinet colleagues, all government bench TD’s and all those who have colluded with private banking interests have failed to realise the power of defiance and resistance. Instead they have cowed to the bondholders and criminal consortium’s who demand the profit from the labour of the Irish people, who demand the deconstruction of our health and education systems to fund their game of monopoly. Threats that there will be no money in the ATM’s of Ireland are without foundation, this has not been the experience of many other nations who refused to pay such as Iceland, Argentina and Singapore to name a few, all of which are experiencing buoyant economic growth in the teeth of this so called crisis. We hope today’s and future actions will put powder in the gun Noonan takes with him to the IMF/ECB bankers table. We refuse to stand by as the Irish people, our families, friends and neighbours, are made debt slaves to the IMF/ECB, as has happened in so many other nations in which they have arrested power from the people.

In the coming year, and for many years to come, the Irish people, by character a hard working and generous people will transfer under duress,

6 billion euro’s per year to faceless money changers. The figures are almost unimaginable and the loss to the good people of this island will be devastating. It is for this reason that we, Occupy Dame Street, and other Occupy movements throughout the Island of Ireland, are embarking on a radical campaign of peaceful direct actions. Through such direct actions we hope to raise awareness of the reality of what is happening to our community, the unnecessary deprivation for so many, that is today’s Ireland. We also hope to inspire and build a peaceful resistance movement dedicated to empowering the community of Ireland to make real the demands of Occupy Dame Street such as the realising of the potential of our natural resources and the acknowledgement of our shared intelligence and abilities through Peoples General Assemblies.

We call on the people of Ireland, political and apolitical, old and young, male and female, of every ethnic, cultural and religious background, to start planning for resistance in your own areas. If you are in the Suburbs of Dublin, Limerick, Cobh, Galway, Waterford, Letterkenny, Dundalk , Belfast or the many other urban communities of Ireland, start planning peaceful acts of resistance. If you are in the farmland parishes of Ireland, the hills of Wicklow, the plains of Meath, the rocky outposts of Kerry or on our beautiful Islands, start talking and planning. The power to make the community of Ireland a better place to live is in our hands, let’s grasp it and resist the unfair and unnecessary burden of bond/promissory payments, wage cuts and service reductions that, if not stopped, will further impoverish the good people of this Island nation.

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