Update (2): Bloody Sunday: Past… Present….. Future?

  • Brendan O’Neill / SpikedThe moral hijacking of Bloody Sunday:On the 40th anniversary of the massacre in Derry, it is remarkable how much Britain has exploited this event to its advantage… Courtesy of Saville, Bloody Sunday is now understood as a day on which certain British  soldiers went OTT (Saville said the paras ‘lost control’), causing great distress to certain Derry families. Of course Bloody Sunday is an occasion of private grief – but it is also an historic event with causes and consequences. All of that has been airbrushed from the record by a process of official remembering which has reduced Bloody Sunday to something like the Dunblane massacre, only involving paras and Catholics rather than a lone gunman and schoolchildren. Saville didn’t whitewash the individual paratroopers’ responsibility for the events, in the way Widgery did; no, he partook in a far more profound form of whitewashing, turning Bloody Sunday from a political quake into an out-of-control streetfight. In focusing attention on the misjudgement and moral turpitude of individual soldiers, Saville whitewashed the historical role of the British state in using force to deny democracy and equality in Ireland.
  • Nuacht24Mórshiúil Dhomhnach na Fola:Bhí breis agus míle duine páirteach inniu i mórshiúil chun cuimhneamh orthu sin ar scaoil Paraitruipéirí na Breataine iad ar 30 Eanáir 1972. Bhí easaontas idir gaolta na marbh faoi leanúint nó gan leanúint leis an mhórshiúil ach tá mionlach acu chun leanúint le mórshiúil go dtí go gcuirfear an dlí ar na saighdiúirí a bhí freagrach as an sleacht.
  • BreakingNews.ieBloody Sunday victims remembered: The Saville inquiry declared all the victims to be innocent, prompting an apology from British Prime Minister David Cameron in 2010
  • BreakingNews.ieBloody Sunday remembered on 40th anniversary: The anniversary comes almost two years after the Saville Inquiry found that the British army’s actions were “unjustified and unjustifiable”.
  • LéargasBloody Sunday – The untold story: The reality is that the Paras were acting within a political and military regime constructed by their political masters and by the top generals.In the months before Bloody Sunday a secret British Cabinet committee – GEN 42 – had been discussing policy in the north. It was chaired by the British Prime Minister Ted Heath. It involved senior British Army figures and senior politicians, including Quentin Hogg, Lord Hailsham, who was on the far right of the Tory party, and was regarded as a hard militarist.In 1971, during an interview in which he was asked about US Senator Ted Kennedy Hailsham had banged the table with his fist and cried; “Those Roman Catholic bawstards! How dare they interfere!”Over 20 years later Michael Carver, who had been the British Army Chief of the General Staff, and was a member of GEN42 at that time, admitted that Heath had wanted soldiers to be able to shoot citizens irrespective of whether they were armed or not.

    He claimed that Heath had been told by Hailsham, who as Lord Chancellor was the head of the British judiciary, that this was legal.

  • Hell’s KitchenAn Excess of Abominations – Ireland’s Three ‘Bloody Sundays’;
  • Irish TimesBloody Sunday anniversary marked;
  • RTEEvents to mark Bloody Sunday anniversary – RTÉ News;
  • GuardianBloody Sunday:Bloody Sunday coverage from the Guardian, including the Saville inquiry and the publication of the full report.
  • bloodysundaytrust.orgBloody Sunday Trust – Dedicated to Truth, Justice, Reconciliation and healing;

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