UPDATE: “Deutschebank Uber Alles: Germany Imposes VAT Tithe On Ireland” (ExiledOnline.com)

Via ExiledOnline.com:

  • ReutersExclusive; Ireland to raise VAT in December budget: Finance Minister Michael Noonan has said he will not reveal the exact measures until he presents the budget on December 6.However, according to a document presented to the budget committee of the German lower house of parliament on Wednesday, Dublin will raise the top rate of value-added tax (VAT) to 23 percent, generating an additional 670 million euros.Under German law the budget committee has to be informed by the German government about any issues concerning the euro zone bailout fund, the European Financial Stability Facility… Ireland’s deputy prime minister said the government had not yet finalised the budget.

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  • Slugger O’TooleDid Taoiseach submit #Budget2012 to Berlin for approval?: The Irish government is under pressure this evening as it is having to deny Press Association reported rumours that it has allowed the German government to inspect the budget before it is brought to the Dáil next month (i.e. well before the democractically members of Oireachtas get to see it).
  • Irish TimesKenny rejects report budget plan was leaked to Germans: Asked how the document ended up in the Bundestag, Mr Kenny said: “I have no idea.”
  • BloombergIrish Government Draws Fire as Budget Plans Shown to Germany: Ireland’s government laid out plans to raise sales tax and pledged to consider “ambitious” asset sales in documents shown to lawmakers in Germany before their Irish counterparts, drawing criticism from opposition politicians in Dublin.
  • BusinessInsider.comIrish PM Accused Of ‘Staggering Breach Of Faith’ After Copy Of National Budget Winds Up In The Hands Of Germany;
  • CNBCWas Ireland’s Budget Plan Leaked to Germany? – CNBC: A scandal is brewing in Dublin Thursday night that could have huge implications for the euro zone and the independence of its member governments.
  • RTEGovt concerned by leaking of Budget documents – RTÉ News: Brendan Howlin said the Government is anxious to find the source of the document and to ensure that any correspondence, interaction or dialogue with the funding partners is kept in the confidence that it is expected to be.
  • HeraldKenny denies Germany budget claims: Opposition politicians in Dublin rounded on the Taoiseach, with Sinn Fein suggesting the German Chancellor was pulling the strings. Asked how the document ended up in the Bundestag, Mr Kenny said: “I have no idea.”
  • Irish TimesBerlin’s MPs shrug off controversy over budget information: “We’re going to have to talk a lot more to each other about our budget process, that’s a lesson of the crisis,” said a German government official.
  • Irish ExaminerGerman MPs told Irish VAT set to hit 23%: ENDA KENNY was left humiliated after German MPs were given advance notice that Irish VAT rates would be raised in next month’s budget.Ministers scrambled to regain credibility, pointing the finger of blame at the troika, which oversees Irish financial decision making, after opposition leaders accused the Government of treating taxpayers with contempt.
  • Irish TimesReal decisions about Ireland’s future being made in Berlin and elsewhere: BEYOND THE Government’s huge embarrassment at the German Bundestag getting sight of Irish budgetary proposals in advance of the Oireachtas is a new and harsh reality – when you are a programme country you no longer have full ownership or control of your destiny, or even your secrets.
  • Daily MailMerkel tightens grip on eurozone: Why did Irish budget plans end up in Berlin?: Measures that Ireland will take as a condition of its bailout from the European Union and International Monetary Fund have already been made public.They include a property levy aimed at collecting £137million, while £92million is to be raised from a new carbon tax.The government will also raise £573million by hiking VAT from 21 per cent to 23 per cent.Ireland’s Department of Finance said it had no explanation for why the document – which was not signed by finance minister Michael Noonan – had ended up in German hands.Ireland was forced to accept a £73billion bailout package last year from the EU and IMF after the economy once dubbed the ‘Celtic Tiger’ rapidly turned into one of Europe’s basket cases.
  • The SpectatorA Republic, If You Can Keep It: The symbolism of this is pretty dire. These are still times for bitter melancholy in Ireland and many a Dubliner has rarely felt as republican as he does now that the state’s sovereignty is, shall we say, not what once it was. This, a friend says, is just another tale of life “under the occupation”

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