[UPDATE – Papandreou fires military chiefs] You read it here first: A Greek Coup? Part 3 of a continuing series…

  • 2/November, 2011. EUobserver.comAs government verges on collapse, Papandreou fires military chiefs: …in a development that has stoked fears of a potential military coup in the country, Papandreou on Tuesday also fired the entire high command of the armed forces along with some dozen other senior officers and replaced them with figures believed to be more supportive of the current political leadership.The heads of the country’s general staff, army, navy and air force were all dismissed following the meeting of the Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defence, the supreme decision-making body on national defense.The ministry maintains that the change in the military high command had long been scheduled. But such reshuffles, which take place every two to three years, do not normally result in the dismissal of the entire leadership.
  • 2/November, 2011. Politics.ie – Thread: Could instability lead to a coup in Greece?
  • 31/October 2011. Greek Reporter / Emmanouela Seiradaki – Shocking Forbes Article: What Greece Really Needs is a Military Coup: …in two weeks time Greeks will be celebrating the anniversary of the Athens Polytechnic uprising in 1973, an open anti-junta, revolt that ended in bloodshed in the early morning of November 17 after a tank crashed through the gates of the Technical University of Athens. This revolt was the beginning of the junta’s collapse. What’s really ironic is that the junta was in fact the result of foreign interference and oppression by right-wing governments that simply didn’t care about their people’s fate. Thirty seven years on, Greeks experience a new junta, this time financial while the prejudice against them has taken absurd proportions. Numbers don’t lie. The national blues literally kill Greeks. Suicide rates have doubled since last year. Private sector employees work endless hours for 400 euros a month. Young couples don’t have children simply because they can’t afford to while thousands want to emigrate. The majority of Greeks are not, in other words,  chilling on the beach drinking frappe and ouzo.But none of this matters to the leaders of the European “Union”. For them it seems that the question is always about getting their money back with maximum profit when it really should be about helping a country to recover since they are also largely responsible for its troubles.
  • 26/October, 2011. Forbes / Tim Worstal – The Appalling Greek Solution; A Military Coup:There’s a not very funny joke going around the financial markets at the moment, that the real solution to the Greek problem is a military coup. (Just to make it clear, no, of course I’m not advocating a coup. See below) Instead of Germany trying to fund the Greek debt they should instead sponsor such a coup:

    Only half in jest is it sometimes said that a better use for Germany’s money than pouring it down the drain of further bail-outs would be to sponsor a Greek military coup and solve the problem that way…..

    The reason being that a military dictatorship cannot be in the European Union. Thus, if there was such a military coup Greece would immediately have to leave the EU and thus whatever happened to its economy would simply be someone else’s problem.

Previously, on Rebel-Alliance.org:

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