Vote for real change – vote Martin McGuinness 1 (Guest Post)

  • ChoiceThere is a real choice in the election between Martin McGuinness and candidates from parties who bankrupted the country and are now making ordinary people pay through massive cuts. [The fact is that Sean Gallagher’s party wrecked the economy and Michael D. Higgins party are now making all of us pay for it.]
  • Martin will be a Peoples President. He will stand with local communities and ordinary people – not developers and big business. He will be an outspoken President and will lead by example and will only take home the average wage.
  • President for all of IrelandHe will be a President for all of Ireland and the Irish diaspora.
  • Jobs – Jobs will be the cornerstone of Martin’s Presidency – he brought 14,000 jobs to Ireland and will use his international reputation to bring jobs to all of Ireland.
  • Real patriotism – Standing with local communities – Throughout his campaign Martin has stood with parents heartbroken by the emigration of their children, with hospital campaigners, with people being denied the right to cut turf on their own bogs, with parents being denied Special Needs Assistants for their children and with families up and down the country struggling to make ends meet in the face of unemployment and crippling mortgage payments. He met with descendants of the leaders of the 1916 Rising. All of these people represent what real Irish patriotism is about. That is who Martin will stand with if elected President.
  • Building a real Republic where citizens have rightsMartin will build on the achievements of the peace process and use the office of President to help build towards Irish unity. A republican President in Áras an Uachtaráin for 2016 – someone who wants to see the vision of the Proclamation delivered. He would use the next ten years as a Decade of Reconciliation to celebrate the diverse nature of our society.
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