“Ultimate winner today will be candidate who garners enough 2nd, 3rd & even 4th preferences.” (Irish Times)

From the Irish TimesIn order of preference: how to maximise the effectiveness of your vote:

TODAY, FOR only the second time since 1938, a presidential election will ultimately be determined by the second, third and fourth preferences cast by voters….

…“plumpers” – voters who don’t vote down 2,3,4, beyond their No1 – potentially forgo the chance to determine who is and who is not elected. Every preference may count, and every opportunity declined to use a vote effectively, to vote through the list, may also tell in what promises to be a knife-edge election…

This year, unless the polls are seriously wrong, no candidate is likely to be within 10 percentage points of a simple majority on the first count. The election, with seven in the race spread out the way they appear to be, is certain to go to a second, probably a third, and possibly even fourth or fifth counts.

The ultimate winner today will be the candidate who garners enough second, third and even fourth preferences.

And voters who want to do everything they can to ensure a specific candidate is not elected should use their vote as effectively as possible, by placing a 7 opposite their most disliked candidate and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 opposite the others in whichever order appeals…

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