Irish Emigrants Choose Michael D Higgins As Next President:

The aim of the site was to highlight that Irish emigrants are immediately disenfranchised upon leaving the country. This is in stark contrast to many other democracies, including the United States, the UK, Australia, Canada, and most EU countries.An estimated 3.1 million Irish passport holders live abroad, with 800,000 being Irish-born.More than 40,000 Irish people emigrated in the 12months ending April 2011, with 28,000 people having left the year before…

Eight months on from the 2011 General Election and there has been little progress in the fight for voting rights for Irish people abroad. Started by Irish emigrants, saw over 5000 Irish people vote in the General Election from abroad, giving them a voice which the Irish government had refused to offer.

Unlike so many other countries Ireland does not offer its citizens the right to vote if they reside outside of the 26 counties.

With so much talk of the need to harness the global Irish community to help Ireland get back on it’s feet, it seems the powers that be are failing to grasp the importance of keeping recent emigrants involved in the national conversation. Presidential Election 2011

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