UPDATE: Gallagher versus Gallagher – I did not have Chequal relations with that man…

From Irish Central:

From Politics.ie:

Sean Gallagher talking to Rachael English on Morning Ireland, 20th of October, 2011:

English: So you rang people up and invited them?

Gallagher: No, people that I met, I explained that there was this event coming up. I have to make it very clear, I sought no money, I received no money from anybody, that was dealt with by Headquarters Fianna Fail Headquarters. I also want to make it very clear that while I attended the event I was not asked for money, I made no contribution myself in either a personal capacity or as a corporate donation either before the event, during the event, or after the event.

English: How many people did you invite?

Gallagher: I think I mentioned to possibly three or four people, and I have no idea to this day whether or not they made a donation whatsoever.

Seán Gallagher talking to Brian Dobson, October 25, 2011:

Dobson: You say and indeed Mr Morgan says he never met you before he didn’t know you when he made

Gallagher: nor since

Dobson: it was a cold call if you like to see if he’d come along to this event

Gallagher: somebody had given me his name…

Dobson: presumably you phoned him up and he asked about this and you told him that there would be a donation of €5,000 expected to attend this

Gallagher: what I was asked to say was that there was a level of up to €5,000, I have no idea, until I saw this

Dobson: that’s what you told him

Gallagher: correct

Dobson: that he would pay €5,000 for this

Gallagher: make a donation up to

Dobson: but previously your spokesperson said that you had not solicited a donation for Fianna Fail. That’s not true is it?

Gallagher: no, that’s not true, what I said was that there was a fundraising event happening and if he liked to come along he could make a donation

Dobson: right, and that doesn’t count as soliciting, no?

Gallagher: I’m saying that that’s what I said

Dobson: was that not soliciting a donation?

Gallagher: well it could be

Dobson: why did your spokesperson say you did not solicit a donation

Gallagher: I’m not sure what my spokesman said but I’m telling you now exactly what I said

Dobson: Well I’ll give you now that quote. Your spokesman said that “at no point did he actively solicit any donation, he would have been in touch with a number of people he knew to tell them it was on”. To discover you didn’t actually know Mr Morgan.

Gallagher: Correct

Dobson: But that’s not true either.

Gallagher: Well no no let me clarify. I asked a number of business people in the area did they want to attend and one of them obviously recommended Mr. Morgan as somebody who might like to attend.

Dobson: So you did ask people who you didn’t know as it turns out

Gallagher: I asked people I did know and if they recommended someone else that they knew

Dobson: right

Gallagher: and so I was not aware of this

Dobson: so you did invite people who you didn’t know and you did solicit a donation from at least one of those people

Gallagher: this was a fundraising event and I informed anyone that I rang there was a level up to which they could nominate or donate and that they would make that payable to Fianna Fáil Headquarters

Dobson: Just finally, none of this is remotely remarkable at all, it’s what you would expect someone who’s involved in a political party to do after an election to try to rebuild

Gallagher: absolutely correct

Dobson: to ring around and ask people to come along and support us and you were doing whatever any other senior Fianna Fail figure

Gallagher: Well I wasn’t a senior Fianna Fail figure

Dobson: Well you were a campaign director for a TD at the time

Gallagher: well I had been in 2007 and I was quite happy to assist the event by inviting local businesspeople. Now, the allegation is made that there is something corrupt, the cheque was made out to Fianna Fail Headquarters and I did not collect

Dobson: you have not been telling the truth

Gallagher: no not at all

Dobson: that’s the allegation, there’s no allegation of corruption here at all

Gallagher: one of the first things, I always tell the truth, anyone’s who’s watched my campaign knows two things, one I do not get involved in negative campaigning and two I always tell the truth, always.

Dundalk Argus: Tell us the full story

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