[update] Vincent Browne TV3 Presidential Debate online poll vote results; & Irish Times latest opinion poll

11/10/04 vincent browne presidential debate online poll resultsARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE? It’s as Easy as…

  1. Check if you’re registered (online)
  2. Apply to be put on it (fill the form and post it in) OR Fill this in if you were on it but have moved (form)
  3. Send in any forms to your local city/county council; you can find a list of them here.

Debate analysis & comment:

Other Media:

Latest Irish Times poll on Presidential election:

  • Irish TimesStunning changes in latest The Irish Times poll on Presidential election: Michael D Higgins: 23 (+5); Sean Gallagher: 20 (+7); Martin McGuinness: 19 (-); Mary Davis: 12 (no change); David Norris: 11 (-14); Gay Mitchell: 9 (-11); Dana Rosemary Scallon: 6 (-)… There are a couple of trends here that are almost beyond astonishing. Gay Mitchell is plummeting. Lying in second last place is a disaster for the candidate representing the biggest party in the country, a party that had its most spectacular result in its history only seven months ago. There is no glossing over it. This is really bad for the party… And it’s also clear that the party’s very visible attack on Sinn Fein and Martin McGuinness has not had the intended effect; the opposite seems to be the case in fact. The evidence from this poll is that it has backfired.
  • Newstalk.ieGallagher and McGuinness surprise in new poll: There has been a massive collapse in support for Gay Mitchell and David Norris according to a new opinion poll.
    The survey for tomorrow’s Irish Times puts Seán Gallagher in second place behind Michael D Higgins, with Martin McGuinness a close third.
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