Good Europeans: German Constitutional Court to be taken to European Court of Human Rights (People’s Movement)

The German Constitutional Court has announced that it will present its ruling on the challenge against the euro-zone bail-out on 7 September. Separately, the Europolis Group, made up of fifty-five German entrepreneurs, has announced that they will take the German Constitutional Court to the European Court of Human Rights for refusing to rule on certain questions in their legal challenges against the euro-zone bail-outs. The group say that “in this legal challenge it’s not just about the euro but about democracy and the rule of law.”

This claim is underlined by a leaked confidential paper by the German minister for finance, Wolfgang Schäuble, which suggests that the Bundestag should have limited control over the EFSF (the euro zone’s bail-out fund) and should be allowed only to approve the framework of the fund rather than being involved in its decision-making process. Of course parliamentarians who until now had sovereignty in all monetary questions will be pushed into the role of mere spectators.

People’s Movement · 25 Shanowen Crescent · Dublin 9 · · 087 2308330 · post (at) people (dot) ie
The People’s Movement has launched a new pamphlet entitled The European Stability Mechanism and the case for an Irish Referendum.
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