When will armed wing of British establishment decommission & commit to “constitutional” politics, democratic values?

  • IntelNews.orgDocuments reveal MI5 role in Guyana coup: On October 9, 1953, 133 days after the British Guiana election results, Britain launched a military coup codenamed Operation WINSDOR. Hundreds of British soldiers
    british troop ship en route to guyana

    The use of detention without trial, or internment, as an ethical and effective instrument in dealing with the activities of subversive organizations within the context of a constitutionally bound democratic state, has always been a vexed question. Except when we are the ones overthrowing a democracy with an actual constitution.

    onboard the warship HMS Superb stormed Guiana’s capital Georgetown and secured key sites. They suspended the Guianese constitution and arrested the territory’s democratically elected legislators, including the Jagans. The territory remained under direct British military rule for the next three years, during which the Jagans were held under house arrest, even during the birth of their two children.

  • An PhoblachtBorder campaign – ’50s republicans deserve recognition and gratitude: The start of the IRA campaign coincided with the 1956 insurgency in Hungary against Russian domination. Irish Republicans were quick to point out the hypocrisy of those who praised the armed revolt of the Hungarians but condemned the Irish resistance fighters.
    Kenya British Gulag, 1950's

    Kenya: British Gulag, 1950's

    During the ‘50s the British were ruthlessly suppressing anti-colonial revolts in Kenya, Malaya and Cyprus. Their colonial empire was crumbling but their conceit that they were still a supreme military power remained. Suez burst that bubble. Operation Harvest occurred in the wake of the British humiliation in Egypt. In collusion with the governments of France and Israel the British invaded Egypt in order to seize the Suez Canal which had been nationalised by Egyptian President Nasser. Fierce resistance from the Egyptians and disapproval from the US government led to a climb-down by the British. Their days as a world power were over.
    But their Irish colony remained…

Communist prisoners are lined up and shot during the Malaya emergency of the late 1940s. Photograph: Jack Birns/Time & Life Pictures

Prisoners are lined up and shot during the Malaya emergency of the late 1940s. Photograph: Jack Birns/Time & Life Pictures

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