Save Our Services [11-08-23]

  • Politico.ieUphill struggle ahead for Reilly: Agency budgets are one of the only aspects of hospital spending that can be cut without much notice. The use of agency nurses, doctors and other professionals is a direct result of the blunt instrument that is the HSE moratorium. In the absence of being able to hire new people, frontline services use more expensive agency staff to plug the gaps… I still don’t understand how Minister Reilly and the government can commit to provide more and better services to more, older, sicker people, free at the point of delivery, with fewer staff and less money particularly when we have no control over our overall finances.
  • TASC2011 TASC Equality Survey; healthcare access unequal, say respondents: Over two-thirds of respondents to 2011 TASC Equality Survey say access to hospital healthcare unequal
    Nearly 50 per cent say access to primary healthcare unequal
    68 per cent of those responding to the 2011 TASC Equality Survey, carried out in late May and June by Behaviour & Attitudes, believe that access to hospital healthcare is unequal, while 49 per cent believe that access to primary healthcare is unequal.
  • Politico.ieContinuing controversy over Roscommon promises;
  • Social Justice IrelandHealthcare policy must prioritise Primary Care Teams, community supports and social care infrastructure: Ending the ongoing spiral of healthcare crises in Ireland requires that Primary Care Teams (PCTs) and the linked community supports and social care infrastructure must be put at the centre of healthcare policy and resourced adequately according to Social Justice Ireland’s latest Policy Briefing. This approach would enable communities to look after their own people locally with their families and friends where they want to be according to Social Justice Ireland.
  • UnitingIreland.ieHealthcare in an Ireland of Equals: Our vision is of a seamless all-Ireland health service based on universal public provision – that is, one that provides full equality of access, and that is free at the point of delivery as of right… As Irish republicans, our inspiration to make health a national priority stems from the Democratic Programme of the First Dáil Éireann (1919) which states:It shall be the duty of the Republic to take such measures as will safeguard the health of the people.

    In an era of unprecedented wealth and healthcare spending, the continued inequalities in health and in access to healthcare are an indictment on successive administrations, North and South.

  • Politico.ieConsultants exempt from pay cut plan;
  • Martina Anderson MLA (Foyle)“This crisis is not limited to the current issue around A&E services at the City Hospital, Belfast, it is affecting these services throughout Ireland. The problem is the same whether in Belfast, Monaghan, Donegal or Derry. The common denominator seems to be that where the services are either being closed or seriously curtailed is the shortage of Junior Doctors and Consultants.”
  • Politico.ieLong waiting times for patients criticised: The Health Information and Equality Authority has criticised the long waiting times experienced by patients between being referred for treatment by their GP and receiving treatment.HIQA has called the length of time that it takes to access diagnostic services that are directly available to GPs, and the time that patients have to wait for an appointment with consultants, “unacceptable and unsafe”.
  • Irish EchoLeitrim teen still awaits transplant:
    Meadhbh’s father, Joe McGivern, said he is in shock at the breakdown in communications despite 76 phone calls between relevant agencies on the night of July 2.
  • BelfastMedia.comFamily protest at Mater mental health provision: Anne Thompson, from the SIPTU union who attended the protest, said budget cuts and reorganisation within mental health facilities in North Belfast means that vulnerable people are pushed from pillar to post and not getting the immediate help they need.

    “We believe too many suicidal and potentially suicidal people and their loved ones are paying the ultimate price for failures in the system,” she said…

    SIPTU are currently undertaking a community sector campaign to ensure organisations like PIPS Programmes, who helped organised the protest, secure the necessary funding to continue their work into the future.

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