Book Launch: ‘Special Category’ The English Prison Experience; Thursday 24th November @ 6.30 pm

Irish Academic Press in conjunction with author Dr. Ruan O’Donnell and the Republican Committee on The English Prison Experience are having its inaugural Book launch of ‘Special Category’ The English Prison Experience in Kilmainham Jail on Thursday the 24th of November at 6.30 pm.

‘ Special Category’ with exclusive interviews from former Irish Republican POWs in English prisons is the first and only authentic account of the brutality experienced by Irish Republicans  and their families and also of their tenacity and determination  through beatings, solitary confinement, hunger strikes, forced feeding, medical neglect and death. It also covers escape attempts, organised protests and the fight back against the British prison regime. This is the first Volume and covers the period from 1969 to 1978.  We hope to publish the second Volume in May 2012.

The cost of the book is €40  but we have agreed a deal with Irish Academic Press to buy copies in advance at a cost of €28 per book. If you wish  to book an advance copy please email  annosullivan (at) ireland (dot) com

The Book Launch in Kilmainham Jail is open to everyone and is free but  due to fire regulations we are limited to around 250, we expect a great deal of interest in this book so people will be admitted on a first come basis.

[Via email.]

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