UPDATE: Two Thirds of Icelanders & Italians [& Norwegians] in favour of independence from EU (TEAMeurope.info)

  • TEAMeurope.infoTwo of three Italians want to leave the EU: In Italy EU membership has always been seen as the natural thing, the thing that nobody questions. But as the economic crisis threatens Italy, the opinion is changing. A recent (april 2011) survey by Swg for www.Affariitaliani.it shows that 63 per cent of the respondents want to leave the EU… When asked who is to blame, 41 per cent point to the EU and 29 per cent to the Italian government.
  • TEAMeurope.infoIceland; Increasing majority against EU membership: On August 11, a new opinion poll was published in Iceland, produced by Capacent Gallup for Heimssýn, the Icelandic No movement. According to it 64.5 per cent oppose joining the European Union while 35.5 per cent favour it, measuring only those who either said yes or no.In a similar poll, produced by Capacent Gallup for Heimssýn in June 57.3 percent rejected EU membership while 42.7 percent favoured it. According to that opposition to joining the EU has increased this summer while support for membership has declined.

    For more than two years every single opinion poll in Iceland has shown a vast majority of Icelanders opposed to EU membership.

  • TEAMeurope.info Norway: 64 per cent No to EU:64 percent of Norway’s voters would vote No to Norwegian EU membership, according to the latest Sentio poll from July. It is a slight decrease from the June record of 66,4 per cent. Source: Nationen
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