“Ireland needs to leave” Eurozone – Prof. Kinsella, Smurfit Graduate School of Business

From Irish CentralLeading economist urges Ireland to quit the Eurozone ASAP; Kinsella claims lack of leadership will bankrupt Europe:

“The economic forecasts on which Ireland’s budgetary policies – and the bailout – have been constructed have now been shown to be wholly wrong.

“So, too, have the policies. They simply aren’t working. All there is to show for the sacrifices are a sovereign debt rating of junk status, a shrinkage of employment of 15 percent and ‘closed’ and ‘for sale’ notices across the country.

“This is not leadership. It borders on the wilful to adhere to policies that are demonstrably not working and that have mired the Eurozone in a crisis from which it is seemingly incapable of escaping. Ireland needs to leave.”

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