Greaves Summer School: Friday to Sunday, 9th to 11th September, 2011

Dates & Venue:

  • 9th to 11th September (Friday to Sunday) 2011.
  • The Ireland Institute, 27 Pearse St, Dublin 2 (beside Trinity College)


Friday 9th September

  • 19.30: The International economic crises (making the periphery pay)
    Fred Magdoff is a professor emeritus at the University of Vermont and a director of the Monthly Review Foundation. He has written extensively on the financial crisis.
    Chairperson: Cllr. Catherine Connolly, Galway City Council and barrister.

Saturday 10th September

Sunday 11th September

Bookings and admission:

  • Full school 25 Euros.
  • Individual sessions 6 Euros.
  • Students/unwaged half price.


  • Frank Keoghan, School Director, 25 Shanowen Crescent, Dublin 9
  • Tel: 01-8423076
  • Mob: 087-2308330
  • website:
  • email: post (at) greavesschool (dot) com

How to get there:

The Ireland Institute 27 Pearse St is along the north side of Trinity College, in the centre of Dublin, and the school will be held in the new hall at the back of the building.

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