Breivik Sympathiser & Norris Attacker, Connolly Whines Again

UPDATE: That cyber-fellow-traveller of anti-arab(semitic?)-sympathisers, John Connolly, whines:

If people like them (perhaps constituting the majority of Irish bloggers and the elite media) were to come by the information I did, what do you think they would have done?

Well, if it was anything remotely connected – in fact or fantasy – with Republicans (for example) we imagine that O’Reilly Inc. and Radio Teilefís Eoghan would be shouting it from the rooftops, 24/7. Eh, score one… for who?

And there has always been an air of Dublin-4 noblesse oblige; of a smug Irish-Times-reader; a Neo-Ascendency attitude of bringing the light of civilisation to the benighted natives, associated with the Norris campaign which tweaked our nipples. A sublimated arrogance which may well have self-torpedoed their own campaign. So who knows?

But let’s turn the question around, Johnny:

If, say, an ultra-zionist Presidential contender had been involved with an ultra-zionist Israeli, would you have been as much of a nut on full disclosure about what you now say was for political activities, rather than sexual crimes? (Especially considering the race-mixing going on…)

By the way, we didn’t compare you to Breivik, genius – we just quoted your own damn words that lauded his ideas.

“What can one say about the mindset of people like this?”

You tell us. You’re the story now.

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