Iceland vs. Ireland (2): Default pays Dividends – while Austerity Crucifies Economy (Krugman, New York Times))

Attention Joe Barry and the entire Irish Borg Collective; the entire Banker Bailout in a nutshell… courtesy of Paul Krugman who writes in the New York TimesThe Penalty for Default, the Payoff to Austerity:


“The credit default swap (CDS) for the Icelandic state has now dropped to 200 points and has not been lower since many months before the banking collapse in October 2008. The CDS has been in constant decline since January and indicates growing faith in Iceland’s economy.”

Meanwhile, the CDS spread for Ireland is 683 basis points. [6.83%]

Why, it’s almost as if defaulting on debts run up by runaway bankers and letting your currency depreciate works better — even from the point of view of investors — than socializing private-sector losses and grimly sticking with a fixed exchange rate.

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