“it’s now about ‘controlling the narrative’… the Titanic is not for turning” – Gerry Adams

From Gerry AdamsControlling the ‘narrative’:

Today ‘spin’ has given way to a new description. According to one journalist I listened to on RTE it’s now about ‘controlling the narrative’. A nice turn of phrase but the goal is the same…

The importance of all this is that Fine Gael and Labour have spent all their short time in government claiming to know what they are doing, defending the EU/IMF deal and stating that the state is on target to meet the bailout requirements imposed by the EU and IMF and will be able to return to the bond markets next year. That’s the narrative.

Minister Varadkar’s remarks undermine this position…

The ‘narrative’ for Fine Gael and Labour is to claim that the state is bound by the huge debts that have now been accumulated, and that it will pay all of these back.
Any claim or suggestion to the contrary must be stamped on quickly and ruthlessly.
The problem for the government is that the evidence of failure and of flawed economic policies is to be found in the daily experience and distress of citizens…

Yesterday when I challenged the Taoiseach on all of this I reminded him that 100 years ago exactly – on May 31st 1911 – the unsinkable Titanic was launched in Belfast. She too had a Captain who steered straight for the iceberg. He at least had some excuse. It wasn’t spotted until the last minute. The bailout and debt mountain iceberg that this government has the state sailing straight for is clearly visible and the alarm has been sounded. But on the basis of the ‘narrative’ coming from Government Buildings this captain is not for turning.

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