Homage to Catalonia; or “BTW, there’s a near-revolution in Spain”

  • EUobserver.com – Gemma Galdon Clavell is a researcher based at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where she focuses on public policy, community safety, incivility, surveillance and public space: Where next for the #spanishrevolution?There is no blueprint, which makes it harder to predict the process, the goal or the outcome: how does one get ‘real democracy’? What would the goals of a constituent process be? Are the proposals to be directed at the ‘software’ or the ‘hardware’ of the system? Is it about different policies or different politics? In this sense, the #spanishrevolution is less like Tahrir and more of an exciting mix between 1968 and 1789.

    In the immediate future, I feel that the sleep-ins are not sustainable unless the movement finds ways of gaining momentum. Militancy has its limits, and the right wing thrives on decaying almost-revolutions. There are, however, a couple of factors that could provide the momentum -a connection with workplace struggles (especially in Catalunya, where the public sector workers have shown amazing militancy in the last few weeks and the universities are beginning to move) and the spread of the Tahrir spirit to other countries in Europe (going beyond the expat-led support initiatives so far). The call for a day of action on June 19th could prove key in working with these two possibilities.

  • Hugh GreenKeeping the streets clean for ‘democracy’: Some notes, given the brutal punishment meted out by the Mossos d’Esquadra this morning in Plaza Catalunya. If the intention was to intimidate people from going out onto the streets, it seems to have failed. There are reports that gatherings are already intensifying in public squares across Spain. Esperanza Aguirre, the aristocrat right-wing president of the Madrid regional government, has requested to the Interior Minister that the police vacate Puerta del Sol. How they will manage this in light of intensifying public anger and the likelihood of thousands upon thousands of Madrid residents heading in the direction of Sol this evening, I have no idea.
  • Beppe GrilloPlaza de Catalunya: The Catalans were outraged at the sight of bloodied children and rushed en masse to Plaza de Catalunya. Hanno ricostruito il presidio, rimesso gli striscioni e portato nuovi computer. They rebuilt the garrison, and carried banners put new computers. E’ un’onda che i vecchi regimi costruiti sui partiti e sulla delega elettorale in bianco non capiscono e cercano di fermare con la forza, ma è come opporsi a uno tsunami con le mani. Artur Mas i Gavarró stasera farà il tifo davanti alla televisione mentre un grande cartello rimarrà appeso in Plaza de Catalunya con la scritta ” Ora siamo più forti “. E ‘wave the old regime built on political parties and electoral delegation in white do not understand and try to stop by force, but how to stop a tsunami with his hands. Artur Mas i Gavarra tonight will cheer in front of the television while a large sign will be hung in the Plaza de Catalunya with the words “Now we are stronger.”
  • Aquí hay tomate; Para dar y tomar (To give and take) – PROTEST 2.0 | THE FUTURE OF MOVEMENT | CAMPING AND AFTER WHAT?
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