Easter Monday Liberty Hall: Honouring Patrick Heeney Composer of the music for the Irish National Anthem, Amhran Na Fhiann

From IndymediaPlaque honouring Patrick Heeney:

This year is the one hundredth anniversary of the death of Patrick Heeney who died in abject poverty in 1911 and lies buried in an unknown grave.

The North Inner City Folklore Project is honouring him on Easter Monday by unveiling a Plaque in his honour at the corner of Railway Street and Gardiner Street.

The event will open with a re-enactment of the hoisting of the Citizen Army flag at Liberty Hall by James Connolly and Molly O’Reilly in 1916. This will be recreated at 12 Noon on Easter Monday 25th April outside Liberty Hall by the grandson of James Connolly, James Connolly-Herron, and the daughter of Molly O’Reilly Constance Corcoran.

Men and women dressed in period costume and uniforms will then lead a parade from Liberty Hall to the corner of Gardiner Street and Railway Street where the plaque will be unveiled.

The North Inner City Folklore project is asking people to come along to the unveiling and to sing National Anthem in Patrick Heeney’s honour.

There will be a 1916-1923 photographic exhibition on display in an nearby community hall. Refreshments will be served. The community-based- North Inner City Folklore Project wants the events to be non-party political.

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