Quotable Quotes: “A bail-out is not possible and will not exist”

The euro has been a rock of stability, as illustrated by the contrasting fortunes of Iceland and Ireland.

Richard Corbett, former British Labour Party MEP, 2009.

Solidarity is possible, [and] will exist. A bail-out is not possible and will not exist.

Joaquín Almunia, EU Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, 29 January 2010.

We have a treaty under which there is no possibility of paying to bail out states in difficulty.

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, 1 March 2010.

Papandreou has said that he didn’t want one cent. The German government will not give one cent anyway.

Rainer Brüderle, German Minister of the Economy, 5 March 2010.

All European countries are currently living beyond their means.

Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank, 13 May 2010. He’d obviously been watching this:

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