Sutherland’s ‘Bertie-Speak’: Sunday Business Post – Jonathan O’Brien TD

From the Sunday Business PostSutherland’s ‘Bertie speak’

In your supplement (6/3/11), Peter Sutherland states that the ‘‘Irish economy is suffering from excessive negativity in business and society,” and that this is ‘‘interfering with the positivity needed to get this country moving again’’.

Sutherland’s words may remind some readers of ‘Bertie speak’: lots of waffle but very little of substance.

He did not mention that those espousing the EU/IMF deal ‘‘betray a deeply-rooted ignorance of simple principles of finance’’ (economist Constantin Gurdgiev).

Since Sutherland is non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs, this is understandable.

Goldman is one of the Anglo senior bondholders. Sutherland also has close ties to the oil industry, as he was chairman of BP for 13 years.

So he does not suggest renegotiating Fianna Fáil’s giveaway deal whereby ‘‘the exchequer will gain very little from Ireland’s huge petroleum resources’’ (Colm Rapple).

Jonathan O’Brien TD, Sinn Féin, Cork CityJohnathan O'Brien TD

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