Top Brass (3): Top of Irish Civil service “worse than Greeks”

Via Irish Central; from the “Aristocrats of Labour” department – Irish IndependentJohn Drennan: IMF slams ‘outrageous’ public pay rates:

Top Irish professionals such as university lecturers, judges and hospital consultants earn twice as much as their European counterparts…

… should Ireland be forced to renegotiate, or even simply comply with the current terms of our bailout, top public sector workers will face swingeing pay cuts.

Speaking to the Sunday Independent, the Labour Minister in charge of Public Service Reform Brendan Howlin made it clear that his “priority was to protect frontline and low-paid public sector jobs”.

The reduction in politicians’ pay announced on the formation of the Government means that Taoiseach Enda Kenny now earns less than Dermot Mc Carthy, Secretary-General to the Government.

The reduction in ministerial pay has also created the rather unique scenario where all ministers now earn substantially less than the civil servants they are in control of, while semi-state bosses earn multiples of what their political bosses secure.

Pressure is likely to increase on the latter grouping in the light of their decision to ‘snub’ Brian Lenihan’s budgetary call for public sector bosses to take a voluntary reduction in their pay to €250,000.

But outside of Dick Fearn in Irish Rail and Noel Curran of RTE, both of whom still earn €50,000 more than Mr Kenny, top earners such as Coillte’s David Kenny, An Post’s Donal Connell and Declan Collier of the Dublin Airport Authority earn up to twice as much as much as their ministerial bosses.

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