Food / Agriculture

  • UPDATE – The Telegraph North Korea’s food stocks running dry, UN warns: North Korea’s government food distribution programme will run dry in May and put one-quarter of the country’s 24 million people at risk of starvation, the United Nations has warned.
  • BBCPakistan ‘crop shortage’ warning: … an official at Pakistan’s food ministry told the BBC farmers would simply switch to more lucrative crops if wheat prices went down.
    Devastating floods across Pakistan in 2010 damaged acres of arable land.
    Although crop yields in 2011 are projected to be healthy, prices are too high for an impoverished population, the director of the UN’s World Food Programme told journalists on the sidelines of humanitarian meetings in Geneva on Wednesday.
  • China DailyFarmland being lost to road, rail projects: China is facing a severe shortage of construction land, and projects including road and rail expansion plan to illegally grab 700,000 hectares of protected farmland in 2011 to meet their needs.
  • BloombergWorst Texas Drought in 44 Years Damaging Wheat Crop, Reducing Cattle Herds: Wheat futures in Chicago are up 50 percent in the past year, after drought in Russia and floods in Australia hurt output and sent global food prices surging.
  • Wall Street JournalChina Sees Food Need Rising: China may not be able to meet sharply rising food demand from its domestic resources, a senior Chinese agriculture official said, indicating room for further growth in imports.
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