Quotable Quotes: “Euro-Realism”

Ireland needs to articulate the Euro-realism of the great majority of Irish people in a much more coherent way than has happened heretofore…

Michael McDowell, Sunday Independent (2011)

A Eurorealist’s Frequently-Asked Questions about the EU…

Anthony Coughlan / National Platform information leaflet (2001)

Those of us who strongly believe in the European Union and who believe it is good for Ireland should not be asked to throw in our lot with Anthony Coughlan on the one hand or Alan Dukes on the other.

Michael McDowell, Sunday Independent (2011)

Thanks to Mr Michael McDowell SC., Mr Donal O’Donnell SC, Mr Paul Callan SC and other counsel:- Today’s verdict vindicates the personal judgement of the present Attorney General, Mr Michael McDowell SC, who presented the case on my behalf in the High Court and in the first Supreme Court hearing a year ago, and who had to remove himself from it because of conflict of interest on being appointed Attorney General. He was ably succeeded by Mr Donal O’Donnell SC, who could not have done a better job in his submissions on the second occasion in the Supreme Court, and I wish to express publicly my thanks to both, as I do also to my other counsel…

Anthony Coughlan, Re: “The Coughlan Case” Supreme Court decision (2000)

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