The Real Map of Ireland – Irish Atlantic Continental Shelf Claim

The Real Map of Ireland:

"Ireland's marine resource in addition to on-land area is about one and two-fifths (1.4) times the size of Texas' on-land area (the second largest state in the US after Alaska, and the largest in the 'lower 48' contiguous states.) I.e. the on-land area of Ireland - 31,520 sq. miles - fits into that of Texas - 268,820 - about 8.5 times. The total area of Ireland's marine resource is 220,000,000 acres or 343,750 sq. miles, plus the 31,520 on land - that makes 375,270 sq. miles. So, the entire on-land area of Texas fits into Ireland's total area just about 1.4 times. Alaska itself is a little over 50% bigger than Ireland's total area, but Alaska could encompass Texas, Montana, and California combined."

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