Elderly German Lady Barred from Irish Pub

Via Irish Central: a softly-spoken elderly lady from the notorious itinerant German crime family of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (aka The Windsors) – with an address in the UK – has been banned from entering a Dublin pub. It is understood the ban was instituted over stolen property belonging to another elderly lady, connected with the extended family of the pub owner. The stolen property concerns one out of four green fields – “each one was a jewel” – in an ongoing property dispute, sources say.

“Our forefathers had been educated in that idea… They thought they belonged to somebody, and that they must be loyal to some thief who could trace his pedigree back to antiquity’s most successful robber.”

Robert Green Ingersoll (Union veteran of American Civil War): US Centennial Oration, 1876

The wealth of an aristocrat is not a market phenomenon; it does not originate from supplying the consumers and cannot be withdrawn or even affected by any action on the part of the public. It stems from conquest or from largess on the part of a conqueror.

Ludvig von Mises (capitalist philosopher & apologist): Do the Rich Oppress the Poor?

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