Wall Street Journal: EU is “Beating Up the Irish”

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Via Irish Central, a Wall Street Journal main editorial – Beating Up the Irish:

You might think that Berlin, Paris and Brussels—all lenders to Dublin—would want to maximize the chances that they’ll be paid back by encouraging helpful economic policies. But resentment on the Continent over Ireland’s 12.5% tax rate apparently trumps economic rationality. The European claim is that Ireland needs to raise its tax rate to raise more tax revenue…

Even in 2009, amid recession and a contracting economy, Ireland managed to collect the equivalent of 2.4% of GDP in corporate income tax revenue, compared to 1.3% for Germany and 1.4% for France. This is a testament to the efficiency of Ireland’s low rate in encouraging investment, economic growth and tax payments. Instead of punishing Ireland for its enlightened tax policy, politicians on the Continent would be wiser to emulate it.

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