Quotable Quotes: The Green Jersey

I wish Lucinda Creighton well in her new role of Minister of State for European Affairs. I add, however, that she had better shed her more federalist baggage and attitudes. She is wearing the Green Jersey now and this Government will never be forgiven if it does not stand up for Ireland and deliver in its dealings with the EU.

Michael McDowell, former leader of the Progressive Democrats and practicing senior counsel

Mr Kenny must put the interests of Irish citizens first in any dealings with his European counterparts. That will be the first real test of this new Government… During the General Election campaign both Fine Gael and the Labour Party moved gradually closer to the Sinn Féin position and spoke of the need for burden sharing for bondholders. It is now up to the Taoiseach to demonstrate that he can deliver on these commitments.

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams

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