The Southern Star: “Political farce set to run on”

From the Southern Star – worth reading the entire article:

THAT slapstick duo, Dame Enda and Mr Gilmore graphically characterise Karl Marx’s old adage that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce…

… according to the pantomime, Frau Merkel and her European Central Bank chums are hell bent on turning this generation and future generations of Ireland’s citizens into indentured labour.

Why? Because if Ireland defaults on the monstrous debts that the majority of Irish people had no hand, act or part in accumulating, it would be bad for the German economy and would contribute to German inflation. That’s why!

Ireland’s leading euro-sceptic, Anthony Coughlan, says we’re light years from the Lisbon Treaty promise that Europe could expect a new form of political life and governance in which states like Germany were willing to subordinate their national interests to a larger common EU interest.

Nothing of the sort happened and what we’re now witnessing is the domination of smaller countries, such as Ireland, as German national interests come to the fore…

So, has the pantomime any message? Indeed, it has and it’s this. Fianna Fail and its gangsta banking pals in Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt and Brussels ransacked the country. That’s a fact. The EU encouraged them do so; and that’s also a fact. So, is it any wonder that people now ask why Germany should want to punish an entire nation for acts committed by a selfish EU-Irish elite?

The people, however, are fighting back. Moves are afoot to bring forward a private members’ bill involving Sinn Fein, the United Left Alliance and Independent TDs to facilitate the holding of a referendum that will have a simple question: ‘Do you want to abide by the merciless German terms or do you want to let the bond holders go to the wall?’

Please, read more.

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