Sunday Independent: Voters betrayed, boys have jobs, old politics restored

  • Sunday IndependentVoter betrayal: FG/Labour to ditch pledges on economy: The Fine Gael/Labour coalition Government is to implement in detail the outgoing Government’s four-year austerity plan as approved by the EU-IMF, the Sunday Independent can reveal. In what will amount to the most barefaced breach of election promises ever perpetrated by an incoming Government, the coalition partners’ programme for government will cause uproar when it is published today. While an attempt will be made to dress up the programme as a new plan by a new Government, when it is analysed it will be seen for what it is — the continuation of the economic policies of Fianna Fail and the Greens, virtually in minute detail, as laid down by the EU-IMF… the omens are not good in this regard as the incoming Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, has already prepared the ground to pull back from his demand for “haircuts” on senior bank debt, saying other ways must be found to cut the cost of Ireland’s bank bailout if losses are not imposed on bondholders... a well-placed Fine Gael source did not even attempt to disguise the fact that the new programme for government represents a rip-off of the outgoing Government’s four-year plan as signed off on by the EU-IMF.
  • Shane Ross TDThe deal has been stitched up. The boys will have jobs and old politics will be restored:
    Both Labour and Fine Gael will happily forget their election promises to share the spoils of powerThese guys fell into each others arms months ago. Any observer of the camaraderie in Leinster House over the years knows that their 14 years in the political wilderness of opposition have united them in one common mission: power. To hell with policy, it is time to divide the spoils. Spoils first, policy later… On past history one or two independents could be picked off with constituency cuddling, while others among us could talk turkey if Enda was prepared to concede radical policy shifts and to embrace the new politics. Enda and Eamon do not do “radical”. It could mean Enda standing up to Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy. It could mean a referendum on the EU deal. It could mean stinging the bondholders or, as Enda prefers to call it, “burden sharing”… Enda is in no mood for challenging Angela. Nor is Eamon, by all accounts. They want to butter up, not to irritate, their respective colleagues in Europe… Manifestos are on the back burner. Promises are postponed. The boys will have jobs. Old politics will be restored.
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