Does Kenny Have the Cojones? (3) “No”

He does not.

From NewsWhip.ieDo Enda’s Helsinki comments mean FG will roll back on bond pledge?

Speaking at a meeting of Fine Gael’s European partner parties, the European People’s Party (EPP), Kenny said “there were strong comments that it [burden-sharing] was not a runner.”


“strong comments?”

What are we supposed to use man? Harsh language?

Do any of these people understand that in tough negotiations, you don’t throw away your trump card, your credible threat(s)? As David McWilliams said, we’d have been better off allowing some cattle farmers to negotiate!

We need roll-with-the-punches tough-guys – not these altar-boys “negotiating”.

As for “maturity dates” and “interest rates” being renegotiated? Oh sure – because presumably, no one will use “strong comments”! And because it is essentially painless to everyone but ourselves – as the Financial Times editorial remarked: it’s a “Useless Compromise… Crucifying the Irish for the sins of their banks”.

It’s like sending in a troop of boyscouts to close a brothel. It’s worse – because Kenny and crew don’t even have any conviction: they want to fit in with, to be liked by, the very people we are negotiating with! The Irish “establishment” can be defined as that group of people who, when push comes to shove, will refuse to take their own country’s side in an argument.

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