Election Update (27 February, 9pm)

  • TheJournal.ieThe Half-Past Fix: 8.30pm: WINNERS: A United Ireland – According to Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams, that is. The SF press office has sent around a statement saying that Adams believes that a vote for Sinn Fein candidate was a vote “for equality, a real republic and a United Ireland”. LOSERS: Modesty – Jonathan O’Brien, who was elected for Sinn Fein in Cork North Central, has tweeted this hour to say that “media reports saying 1 box in Knocknaheeny had 100% SF votes are wrong. It was only 90+%” Oh. Is that all?
  • TheJournal.ieFine Gael the “opposite side of the same coin” says Adams
  • TheJournal.ieThe Half Past Fix: 7.30pm: The Winners: Gerry Adams – the Sinn Féin leader was elected in Louth amidst jubilant scenes, with almost 2,000 votes over the quota. Fergus O’Dowd [brother of Irish-American Niall O’Dowd, editor of The Irish Voice & publisher of Irish America magazine] – who was also elected in Louth for Fine Gael.

From Slugger O’Toole – Fianna Fáil Reduced to Less than it’s Core:

That’s not what’s scaring Fianna Fail activists. Ask them for an honest answer on what they expected out of this election, and they will say that 30 seats would have been a disaster. Now they have to sit on the back benches within a single figure seat difference with Sinn Fein. This is not the way it was supposed to be.

Going into this election the plan was to stem the tide of urban voters streaming into Labour. But when they heard that their republican base was deserting to Sinn Fein, they quickly changed tack and Sinn Fein became the primary and almost only target.

One senior representative I spoke to last night joked that maybe it was time for a merger with Sinn Fein. And it only half sounded like a joke, and partly like he said it just to hear what it sounded like when spoken out loud.

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