Civil Public & Services Union: top brass “presided over ruination of economy, while looking after themselves”

Previously, from Shane Ross/Róisín Burke at the Irish Independent (November 2010) – Budget figures are all wrong, says economist Number of high-earning senior civil servants soars:

Meanwhile, as the crisis in the public finances deepens, the huge hike in numbers at the top of the civil service came under renewed attack this weekend.

The general secretary of the Civil Public & Services Union (CPSU), Blair Horan, repeated that the number of higher principal officers had increased by 462 per cent over 10 years, while his lower-paid members were being asked to shoulder further sacrifices.

Hitting out at the mandarin top brass, he said that “the secretaries general have presided over the ruination of the economy while at the same time looking after themselves, including a 40 per cent increase in three special awards over that period”.

The CPSU, which includes many lower-paid workers, voted against the Croke Park Agreement and is now refusing to be “put first in the queue for change” under the action plan under discussion.

Mr Horan has circulated all his branches with the full figures exposing the “extraordinary increase in the numbers of civil servants at the top end over the decade. Increases in numbers at the top echelons range from the 462 per cent at higher principal officer level to 339 per cent at assistant higher principal officer level, down to just 14 per cent among the clerical officer ranks.

On average, principal officer numbers have rocketed by 114 per cent while assistant principal officers have increased by 109 per cent.

In a rebuke to the mandarins in the Department of Finance Mr Horan said: “Some things never change. Dump on the lower-paid grades yet again.”

Claiming that his members were being victimised, Mr Horan insisted: ” You will note that there is no proposal in the Action Plan to address the extraordinary growth of management grades in the civil service over the past decade.”

The CPSU boss is resisting efforts by the department to remove privilege days and bank time enjoyed by many of his members.

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Strange also, how it wasn’t Fine Gael who pointed out the bad maths by Fianna Fáil referred to in the article – since they seem to automatically pore scorn over everything Sinn Féin does…

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