Charles Glass: the Spirit of ’48

History doesn't repeat - it just goes in circles.

From Charles Glass at TakiMagSpirit of 1848:

The 2011 Middle Eastern revolutions followed sudden spikes in food prices, with the cost of wheat in Egypt rising nearly 70 percent over the past year, that made basic necessities unaffordable for the great majority of people who are not living on lavish state contracts from their powerful friends. Similarly, crop failures and famines in 1846 and 1847 (remembered today by those of us whose ancestors fled Ireland’s Great Potato Famine of 1847, or as my great-grandmother called it, “the year of the black rain”) compelled masses of people to overthrow their incompetent rulers in 1848. The revolution spread from France to the German states to Rome (from which the Pope fled to Genoa), as well as to Venice, Vienna, Hungary, the Balkans, Ireland’s County Tipperary, and even Brazil.

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