Where are the Lisbon Jobs Now? EU/ECB Epic Fail!

  • Lisbon and EU/IMF two bad deals for IrelandMcDonald: Sinn Féin’s Mary

    If you are a recently retired Fianna Failer, apparently in Coilte...

    Lou McDonald has said the EU’s encroachment on Ireland’s sovereignty is the inevitable result of bad deals negotiated by this Government and supported by Fine Gael and Labour. Ms McDonald said the Lisbon Treaty and the EU/IMF deals are both bad for Ireland and now the EU has its sights set on Ireland’s taxation system with a particular focus on our corporation tax.

  • Made In Brussels: Packaged in Ireland

    The Budget - Made In Brussels: Packaged in Ireland

    Peoples’ MovementDon’t Let Them Con You Again: During the last Lisbon campaign, Government and main opposition parties misled voters. “Yes for Jobs and Investment” and “Yes to Jobs, Yes to Europe” thundered the Fianna Fáil and Fíne Gael posters. A Labour flyer even promised “full employment” if we did Brussell’s bidding. In the South East, Dick Roche, Sean Connick, Brendan Howlin, Phil Hogan, Mary White and others led the charge. Don’t let them con you again. The People’s Movement campaigned in the two recent Lisbon referenda and now asks voters to test candidates’ policies and promises against our People’s Agenda principles: Repudiation of the debtNational control of natural resourcesOpposition to EU competition policies/privatisationRepatriation of power from Brussels.

  • David McWilliamsCitizens Must Fight Rise of European Bankocracy: …Ireland
    People.ie 2010 EU budget bankocracy vs. 1916

    The Bankocracy vs. The People

    is not being bailed out but the banks that lent to Irish banks are being saved from the implication of their own greed. What is going on at the moment is nothing more than a titanic struggle between the interests of the citizens of Europe and the interests of the finance industry in Europe. It is one the citizens must win. Otherwise Europe will be turned from a democracy — where broadly speaking economic policy is framed with the interests of the average citizen in mind, to a bankocracy — where economic policy is driven exclusively for the interest of the banks.

  • Cork yes

    Well, men in suits have never let us down before...

    The Telegraph, Evans-Pritchard – Self-righteous Germany must accept a euro-debt union or leave EMU: If Germany and its hard-money allies genuinely wish to save the euro – which is open to doubt – they should stop posturing, face up to the grim imperative of a Transferunion, and desist immediately from imposing their ruinous and reactionary policies of debt deflation on southern Europe and Ireland…

  • Sunday Business Post, McGurk – The crisis is an EU matter, so an EU
    IBEC: lisbon yes for jobs

    Soon there will be no one left to ask: what ever happened to those Lisbon Jobs, Broz?

    solution must be found: Although the process of Europeanisation has almost bled our sovereignty dry,at least there remains our democratic system. In a few months’ time, we must use this system – and the forthcoming election – to draw a line in the financial sand, and say no to total responsibility for the bank debt. We have to ensure that the political parties will give that guarantee. If they are not prepared to, then we must find other men and women to stand in the election who will.

  • bitter pill to swallow - treaty of versailles

    The New Treaty of Versailles... for a new Weimar Republic?

    New York Times, Paul Krugman – Eating the Irish: The Irish story began with a genuine economic miracle. But eventually this gave way to a speculative frenzy driven by runaway banks and real estate developers, all in a cozy relationship with leading politicians. The frenzy was financed with huge borrowing on the part of Irish banks, largely from banks in other European nations. Then the bubble burst, and those banks faced huge losses… the Irish government stepped in to guarantee the banks’ debt, turning private losses into public obligations… Iceland has also benefited from the fact that, unlike Ireland, it still has its own currency; devaluation of the krona, which has made Iceland’s exports more competitive, has been an important factor in limiting the depth of Iceland’s slump… Ireland is now in its third year of austerity, and confidence just keeps draining away. And you have to wonder what it will take for serious people to realize that punishing the populace for the bankers’ sins is worse than a crime; it’s a mistake.

  • UNITE: The UnionReject: IMF/EU blighted budget, policy of “Generational Cleansing” by Emigration
  • Rebel AllianceThe Yes Men: To all those who voted “Yes” to the Lisbon Treaty: How is that “Jobs, Investment, and Recovery” working out for you? Feeling better, altogether? Answers on a polling card, please, to the following…


    yes, yes! YES! Ohhhh YESSSS!!

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