The Peoples Economy: Open Webinars

Via David McWilliams – The Peoples Economy free webinars “will take place every morning at 10am between Monday 14th February and Thursday 24th February”:

The People’s Economy offers free economic advice to all candidates running for election.

We particularly want to help Independent Candidates who lack access to the resources and economic advice offered by the political parties.

But the free economic clinics and all the information on this site is open for use by all candidates. The People’s Economy is not political – we simply aim to help the electorate and our representatives be better informed about what exactly is, and has been going on in this country.

This site has been created by a group of volunteers including a group of well-respected economists to provide easy to read information and access to expert advice.

Online Discussions (Webinars)

Will take place every morning at 10am between Monday 14th February and Thursday 24th February

The discussions will work as follows:

Each morning one of the economists will be available for 30minutes to speak on a particular topic (Anglo, Bondholders, NAMA etc)

Ahead of each discussion you are encouraged to send in your questions so the economist can prepare

During the discussion you will be able to comment and ask for further clarification

FAQ About the Economy

We have compiled a list of common and frequently asked questions about the Irish economic crisis…

Read more.

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