Jesse “Action” Jackson sticks it to The Man

Via Irish Central, Jesse Jackson says in The Irish Times:

“You must link the bailout to lending, reinvestment and job creation,” he says. “Rather than have banks that are too big to fail you need to have more community-based banks where you democratise capital. This is a great chance . . . to restructure the economic order from the bottom up.”

“In Dublin you were forced to take an €85 billion bailout from the EU and the IMF. Those who were not properly regulated and were greedy in their speculations were the first beneficiaries of the bailout, yet they were the ones that created the crisis. You can’t reward them for lack of regulation and greedy speculation.

Movies that should be comic books, 17: Action Jackson

Ok, ok, nothing really to do with it - but we love cool '80's action flicks

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