Peoples’ Movement: Don’t Let Them Con You Again

PRESS RELEASE – People’s Movement – South East

Campaigning group urges voters not to let Fiann Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and Green parties “con” them again

During the last Lisbon campaign, Government and main opposition parties misled voters.

Yes for Jobs and Investment” and “Yes to Jobs, Yes to Europe” thundered the Fianna Fáil and Fíne Gael posters. A Labour flyer even promised “full employment” if we did Brussell’s bidding.

In the South East, Dick Roche, Sean Connick, Brendan Howlin, Phil Hogan, Mary White and others led the charge.

Don’t let them con you again. The People’s Movement campaigned in the two recent Lisbon referenda and now asks voters to test candidates’ policies and promises against our People’s Agenda principles:

Repudiation of the debt

Most economists now agree debts due to EU banks are so large, and terms of the ‘forced’ EU-IMF loan so punitive, that neither can be honoured without beggaring the country. In 2013, alone, we would have to pay back €8.5 billion. Only a structured default can save our people from decades of recession – see for our proposals.

National control of natural resources

Our marine, oil and gas, forestry and mineral resources continue to be handed over to foreign interests, for a pittance. They can and should be harnessed by the Irish state and people to launch new industries and secure jobs at home for our youth.

Opposition to EU competition policies/privatisation.

ESB International and, Bórd Gáis are due to be sold off. Bertie Ahern is heading up a Swiss-Chinese buyout of Coillte – the state company that owns 10% of the island’s surface. Water charges will be reintroduced and supply will be taken from Councils. Control of these vital services will be lost, prices will soar and thousands more jobs will be lost.

Repatriation of power from Brussels.

Over 70% of laws adopted in Ireland came from Brussels in 2009; and with independent fiscal action hamstrung by the terms of the EU-IMF loan, it is imperative we recover independence action to launch economic recovery. This shows once more the folly of our joining the Eurozone in 1999 when we could have stayed outside it like many EU States wisely did. That was the worst and most irresponsible decision of any Irish Government -ever.

The politicians of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Labour who pushed that ruinous course on us are the real architects of our present crisis and our emigrating young people, our 400,000 unemployed and our debt-ridden households are the clear and obvious victims.

In just three years time, from 2014, the Lisbon Treaty which was pushed on us by Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Labour will put EU law making on a straight population basis, with Germany’s vote on the Council of Ministers doubling from its present 8% to 17%, France’s, Britain’s and Italy’s vote going from their present 8% each to 12% each and Ireland’s falling from its present 2% to 0.8%

Again we have the main political parties to thank for this increase in the EU law making power of the big States and the further erosion of our national sovereignty and dignity.



11th February 2011

For verification and further comment, contact Kevin McCorry 086 3150301

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