More Bread, Less Circus, please

  • David McWilliamsForget the TV sideshow, we must focus on Europe: “IT is quite surreal to see the opening days of the campaign have been dominated by arguments about whether party leaders will appear on TV programmes. This doesn’t seem to be the sort of thing that will determine the future of the country…The problem for Ireland and Europe — a continent deeply divided between creditor and debtor nations — is that the pen is in the hands of the creditors, who have as their key objectives the protection of their banks. What is going on at the moment is nothing more than a titanic struggle between the interests of the citizens of Europe and the interests of the finance industry in Europe. It is one the citizens must win.”
  • Aengus Ó Snodaigh‘Debate about debates’ a farce: “Ó Snodaigh said people would find it “sickening” that leading politicians are consumed with this rather than serious issues such as thousands of people losing jobs and thousands more being forced to emigrate. He said nobody cared how many people Mícheál Martin wanted to debate with and that nobody cared what Enda Kenny thinks about Vincent Browne. “
  • Gerry Adams comments on TV3 Leaders Debate: “Tonight’s debate was lamentably short on solutions. It is obvious that while the Labour Party’s position may differ in some details from that of Fianna Fáil, it shares the same broad approach, in other words — more of the same. Fianna Fáil leader Mícheál Martin called for what he termed ‘a real debate’. But how can there be any semblance of a real debate when Sinn Féin is excluded? Citizens are entitled to hear all political views in order to make an informed judgement on the way forward.”
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