Angry Bear blog: “what do these f*****s do? They propose patriotism for the rest of us and entitlement for themselves”

Via the good people at the Ames Levine List, Dan Crawford writes – Update on conditions in Ireland (strong language – as if you cared…):

Talk about being recolonized by self-imposed deference… There are other options, of course. There’s the old reliable one of emigration… of the over 800,000 mortgages in the country, worth €120 billion, 40,000 are in arrears and that figure will rise to 70,000 in the coming year: the banks will be forced to repossess these houses… Health Care in Ireland is totally banjaxed… Our Health Care system was dismantled and then rebuilt in order to centralize it, hospitals were closed all over the country and acute services scaled back or abandoned altogether…The Minister for Health who oversaw this fiasco, Mary Harney, has just resigned her ministerial post and will get a lump sum of €310,000 plus a pension when she leaves office. We like to reward incompetence in Ireland. Education isn’t faring any better: we dumb down our students and prepare them for a life of servitude and passivity…

The banks debts has now become our sovereign debts, just as NAMA nationalized all the ghost estates and turned the inflated and non-buyable property over to the citizens, as if they’d acquired a new portfolio. Merrill-Lynch was solicited for its counsel prior to the fiasco and advised against a blanket bank guarantee

They’ve sold our future into slavery, thrown away our sovereignty, reduced a nation to penury, dismantled an infrastructure that was the envy of the civilized world, broken every institution, shown contempt for the people and utterly disgraced our country…

Read more… if you dare.

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