Honour Amongst Thieves – Parties (Sinn Féin excepted) Accept Finance Bill

From the Irish-American Information Service – Irish General Election Set for February 25:

“After more than an hour of crunch talks, Ireland’s Finance Minister Brian Lenihan revealed all parliamentary business would be cleared for the week to fast-track the Finance Bill, amid unprecedented political turmoil in Dublin… The deal, to be signed off by party leaders, would see extended Dáil sittings over the next four days to pass the bill by Saturday. The Parliament would be dissolved by Tuesday for a 25 February election. The Finance Bill will enforce this year’s budget and other new cost-saving measures, in line with the terms of the multi-billion euro bail-out by the EU and the IMF. The main opposition parties – Fine Gael and Labour – and former coalition partners, the Green Party, have agreed in principle to the plan. Sinn Féin, who is opposed to the bill, refused to accept the deal and is demanding an immediate General Election. Sinn Féin’s Finance Spokesman Pearse Doherty claimed his party was asked to leave the meeting after lashing out over proposals to put the bill through the Dáil. “What is happening in the Department of Finance is nothing short of disgusting,” he said. “It is the consensus of cuts all over again where the Labour Party and Fine Gael and the Green Party are supporting the Government to introduce the Finance Bill by Saturday.”

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