UPDATE: Epic FFail! 24 hours is a long time in politics…

  • Via NewsDaily.com, from Reuters – Government’s death knell a joyous sound for Irish voters: ‘“We need to hurt them,” said Bernadette, a mother of four and owner of a wine importing business that has cut its staff to three from 15. “Unless you hurt them they won’t pay any attention to you.”

Via Slugger O’Toole:

  • Irish Independent: Fianna Fail grassroots turn backs on Cowen – “Eamon O Cuiv, the champion of Fianna Fail loyalists, refused to back the Taoiseach… A string of others who publicly backed Mr Cowen before Tuesday’s confidence vote would not answer calls yesterday or publicly support him…
  • Herald: It’s Time For A New Fianna Fáil – “FIANNA Fail TDs were today on the verge of quitting the party and forming a ‘New Fianna Fail’. Many backbenchers believe a heave against Brian Cowen may not be worth it — and were deciding whether to run as Independents or set up the new party… The party was facing into the prospect of dropping below 10pc in the polls. Former deputy leader Mary O’Rourke said: “In my book, it’s all gone too far and it’s every man and woman for themselves. Get out and get what votes you can.” … There is a growing fear that the party could now slump behind Sinn Fein and even the newly formed United Left Alliance on polling day… Fianna Fail and the Green Party were barely on talking terms today after essentially accusing each other of telling lies… “It’s going to be a bloodbath for Fianna Fail now. I don’t see how we can recover from the humiliation.” … An even angrier backbencher said: “What the f**k, why didn’t he run it by them (the Greens). It looks like stroke politics.”
  • Conor Lenihan/Herald: We’re in meltdown – “The Taoiseach’s effort to execute a belated Cabinet reshuffle in spite of the Greens’ utter opposition has effectively wrecked Fianna Fail — the election hasn’t even started and the party is in meltdown… Brian Cowen has not a shred of credibility left. Respect for the office of Taoiseach has been shattered. The behaviour of Brian Cowen is a kick in the face for the voluntary activists who pound the pavements for the party year in and year out. For the first time in my life I felt angry and utterly ashamed of the leadership of our party. Brian Cowen has done a catastrophic disservice to politics.
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