Political Change and People Power – New Possibilities in Ireland

Via Irish Left Review:

Political Change and People Power

‘New Political Possibilities in Ireland for all Left-Wing Parties in Partnership with Civil Society’

Saturday, 5th February 2011

Gresham Hotel, Dublin

People Power and Left Unity: Towards a New Ireland for All People

This conference will allow left wing parties across the spectrum to compare policies and discuss the prospects for left wing unity. Representatives of communities, equality, rights and women’s groups will also outline their vision for a new Ireland and the prospects for closer co-operation with like minded political parties. The conference will also include a discussion of economic, political and social policies for a new Ireland from a range of left wing thinkers and writers  in academia, unions and elsewhere.  Union leaders will also present their vision for a new Ireland.

If you wish to attend please download the registration form, available here and send it by post to Tom O’Connor, 9 Carmen Lawn, Upper Belmont, Rochestown, Cork.

You will receive email confirmation on receipt.


Conference Fee is €5 payable at door

(Conference fee is to cover overheads only, it does not include lunch unfortunately.)

Download Conference Timetable here.

Registration               9am-10am

Session 1 10am-1pm

Tea/Coffee                 11.15 am (15 mins)

The future of the Irish Left: Policies, Political Strategies

and Future Possibilities


Cllr. Dermot Looney- Labour Party

Cllr. Cian O’Callaghan-Labour Party

Aengus O’Snodaigh TD- Sinn Féin

Eoin O’Broin- Sinn Fein (election candidate)

Joe Higgins MEP- United Left Alliance

Cllr. Richard Boyd Barrett- United Left Alliance

Mick Finnegan- Workers Party President

Dr.Ben Nutty- Fis Nua (election candidate).

Lunch 1pm-2pm



Session 2 2pm to 4.15pm

Building Alliances in our Common Interest: Unions and Communities Working Together


Ursula Barry- Head of Women’s Studies- UCD

Anne Costello- Community Platform

Dr Mary Murphy-Sociologist, NUI Maynooth

Jack O’Connor-SIPTU Leader

Jimmy Kelly-UNITE Leader

Ailbhe Smyth- Feminist Open Forum


Session 3 4.15pm-6.30pm

New Left Policies for Economic, Social and Political Regeneration


Michael Taft- UNITE

Kathleen Lynch-Prof of Equality Studies, UCD

Michael Burke- Economist and TASC Economist’s Network

Tom O’Connor- CIT Economist and TASC

Niall Crowley- Claiming Our Future

Dr. Kieran Allen –  Economic Sociologist, UCD

It is time for radical change in Ireland. After over thirty years of neoliberal government, the left in Ireland is now on the ascendancy.  Neoliberalism has destroyed Ireland’s public services and driven up unemployment to 440,000. It has created rampant poverty, one hundred thousand people in mortgage arrears and hundreds on hospital trollies daily. The IMF/EU deal is set to make matters dramatically worse. People must now take power back for themselves. New alliances between progressive politicians, economic and social thinkers, communities, unions and social rights groups must now move centre stage. Charting a blueprint for the future of a new Ireland just weeks from a General Election is the purpose of this conference.

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