Niall O’Dowd: “Fianna Fail have been in power for 22 of the last 24 years and have assumed a right to rule that is not dissimilar to the divine right of kings”

From Irish Central – Election disaster looms for Fianna Fail after Prime Minister Brian Cowen blunders badly:

When the wheels start falling off a political bandwagon they tend to all come loose together.

Such has been the experience of snake-bitten Prime Minister Brian Cowen who is facing political oblivion for himself and his party on March 11, date of the Irish election.

Indeed, Cowen’s own party is so angry with him that he may not even last that long. there are already grim mutterings of a heave to replace him, despite the fact that he won a vote of confidence on Tuesday night.

But all has changed utterly since then…

His political coup of retaining his leadership vanished like April snow.

In its place was a fury and anger from his own party members who found themselves bounced into an election they wanted to postpone for as long as possible.

Journalists covering the Irish parliament yesterday said they had never seen anything like it. His own party was in open revolt, openly plotting to replace him…

Now Fianna Fail are facing into an election where they seem bereft of policy or leadership.

Europe’s most successful party is in danger of total implosion and they only have themselves to blame.

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