UNITE union: for a Left government – with Sinn Féin

Unite the Union, banners, marchFrom APRN – Unite trade union says Left government can be formed with Sinn Féin:

THE Unite trade union has urged people to vote to elect a left-wing government for the first time in Irish history. The union, the second largest in the state and a Labour Party affiliate, has also called on Labour to go into coalition with Sinn Féin and other Left parties and “progressive Independents” to make this happen…

The Unite spokesperson said that competition for votes and seats between Left parties is to be expected but:

We should remember that progressives have more in common with each other than they do with either of the Civil War parties. For the first time we have an opportunity to move away from out-of-touch and outdated politics based on history rather than ideology. We can produce a legacy of genuine alternative views between Right and Left, social democracy and neo-liberalism…
Unite will be calling on its members, trade unionists and all workers to use their votes to maximise left-wing seats. We urge them to vote for, and transfer to, left-wing candidates. The electorate will decide what the next government will be.
We all have an opportunity to elect the first Left government in the history of the state.

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